Musical Wednesdays – Hold On


Someone very special to me turns 22 today – it’s my not-so-little little brother!  Happy birthday Nathan!


In his honor, today’s song is the #1 song from his year of birth, 1990.

Hold On.  Wilson Philips.  

Hold On by Wilson Philips

I’m not sure I would have recognized this song if not for its famous appearance in the recent movie Bridesmaids.  Please click the link and watch the music video – there is too much to comment on and laugh about that I don’t even know where to begin.  So I’m not going to begin, I”ll just let you laugh to yourself and I’ll hope that you mostly avoided all of those 90s trends….

Someday I'll win

22 years later he’s not so little anymore and it’s all his big sis can do to keep up with him.  Here’s to hoping 23 is filled with lots of soccer success (preferably in the Carribbean), love and happiness (like bowlfuls of whipped cream!)

Happy Birthday!

What song was #1 from the year you were born?  For all you 1987ers, it’s Walk Like an Egyptian….bet we could have some fun with that music video too!


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