Motivation Monday


Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.
Dale Carnegie

Starting a running routine can be scary.  Getting back into a running routine and seeing how much you’ve (potentially) lost is frightening.  Running your longest distance yet can seem more awful than a feather duster to a pteronophobe (someone with a fear of being tickled by feathers -who knew?).  But today’s quote is a good reminder that without taking that first step to conquer the fear, you’ll never work up the courage to face it.  So sometime this week I challenge you to try something new.  Or do something scary that you’ve thought about for a while.  I got started for you today in an afternoon yoga session with some friends from the gym.

Three of us took a private lesson with Leah at Evergreen Yoga.  This was my first physical activity of the day after a busy morning of gym work, clients and packing (day 2 of mama crackin’ the packin’ whip – so glad she’s here to help!) and the first yoga I’ve done in weeks.  About 30 minutes in, Leah told us we were going to be doing inversions next and asked if we wanted to do headstands or handstands – no one said anything so I picked handstands (since I’m a headstand master….).  The last time I tried to do a handstand was two years ago in front of Malahide Castle in Ireland.  I overkicked, my shoulder gave out and I came tumbling down to the delight of all my fellow tourists.  I put that fear away and put some faith literally in Leah’s hands and kicked up!

Fear conquered!

It was such a rush to finally get both legs up (not to mention the blood rush!) I’m hoping to grow enough confidence with Leah there to catch me that I’ll feel comfortable kicking up on my own soon!

What fear will you conquer this week?


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