April Challenge: Rollerblade the Greenline


Yes, you read that right.  Not walk.  Not bike.  Not even run (my favorite pastime).  Rollerblade the Greenline.

New Blades!

I spent part of Easter weekend shopping for these guys.  I’ve talked about wanting to get some for a long time to enjoy on the Greenline.  They’re easier to transport than a bike and allow for more miles to be covered with less energy expended than running.  So Saturday I bit the bullet and waltzed into Sports Authority, eyes on the prize.  I tried on one pair of the cheapest kind, knew I would need one size up and walked to the counter.  Yesterday I joined my friend Libby (she’s on quite a tour of Memphis with me!) for an afternoon 3 mile trip on the Greenline, she on her feet and me on wheels.

My new toys.

The Greenline is beautiful right now.  Lots of flowers blooming and green everywhere.  The air smelled sweet almost the whole ride – Libby helped me identify the honeysuckle flower that the smell was coming from.  I escaped the trip with no falls – it’s either because I have miles of experience from riding Zionsville’s rail trail all day every day during the summertimes growing up OR because the Greenline is flat and smooth.  I’ll take either as an acceptable explanation.  And I’m adding RIDE ALL THE WAY OUT TO SHELBY FARMS to my farewell list.

Hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday!  I’m hoping to add a recap of 3 runs and Newsday Tuesday by the time bedtime rolls around – but there’s no telling, 7 pm comes quickly 🙂


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