April Challenge: Mollie Fontaine’s


Mollie Fontaine Lounge

Yesterday I completed Day 4 of the April Challenge (essentially a farewell tour of Memphis) by joining my roommate and some girlfriends at Mollie Fontaine’s for drinks after work.  One of the things about being a personal trainer is that it’s tough to be ready to go out for after work drinks or happy hour – mostly because I’ve usually just finished teaching a class and am sweaty and smelly.  Luckily the girls don’t care and most people can’t tell as long as I throw a scarf over the sweat line of my hair….

I can’t believe this is only the second time I’ve ever been here.  The first was that same night I sang Proud Mary on stage at a sorority formal.  Last night we sat outside on the patio beneath gigantic, glowing lanterns and surrounded by the flowering trees I love.  We talked about previous birthdays, funny stories from work, men (boys mostly) and Easter plans.  I sipped on a MFL special concoction of Grey Goose, cucumbers and white grape juice – it was refreshing and not too sweet.  We eventually moved inside to hear the live music.  The house has a lot of character and we chose a nook of very comfortable lounges.  It’s quite an experience and I would highly recommend a drink here!

Birthday Flowers


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