Newsday Tuesday – Wear That Sunscreen


As the temperatures climb in Memphis (where you are too?) I’m already starting to dread the heat of the summer.  Those days where it’s absolutely unbearable to run, or even stand outside after 8 AM.  Those race days where the water bottle I froze overnight is melted less than a mile into my 5k.  Those runs where salt is caked to my face from all my sweat.

It's Hot.

I’m always very aware of my hydration safety – making sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after runs but today’s news bit has me concerned and taking action on additional safety procedures for the upcoming running months.  I follow Runner’s World on Twitter and was pulled in by this Tweet: “Study finds huge increase in melanomas among women”.  The specific details went on to reveal that the incidence of melanomas in women has increased by more than a factor of 8 since the 1970s.

No studies have been done to show that runners do or do not have a higher incidence of skin cancer, but based on our frequent exposure to the elements, including the sun, I would venture to say there’s at least a correlation.  Click here to read more about sun safety from Runner’s World.

I’m going to make a point to put sunscreen on before I run, in addition to my hydration regimen – both are needed to beat the heat this summer.

What do you do to stay safe in the sun and heat?

Check back later today for yesterday’s April Challenge, TNT news and part 2 of today’s Newsday Tuesday!


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