April Challenge: Watch the Grizz


Good morning!  Seems all that whining I did about the heat may have caused the sun to relent a little – it’s a beautiful, not-too-hot day in Memphis (we’ll see how I feel about it in seven hours at Tuesday Night Torture – and I would like to make it known that I’m dreading the workout…..DREADING).  I’ve had a productive morning of “torturing” (that’s what they call it, we don’t always see eye to eye) clients at the gym and now I’m on my mid-day break.  Thought I’d take a sec to fill you in on my Memphis activity last night.

My roommate and I don’t pay for cable so most of the time a favorite sporting event (like last night’s Grizzlies game and NCAA National Championship) is on, I’m at the mercy of friends and neighbors to let me borrow their couch for a minute.  The April Challenge provided a great opportunity to get out in my city for the night to catch both games and do a little socializing as well (and actually put on real clothes and take my hair out of a ponytail!)

I left Inside Out after teaching my advanced TRX class and headed to a friend’s place in Cooper Young – we walked to Next Door from there.  I’ve been wanting to watch a game there for a while and last night was the perfect opportunity.  It wasn’t as crowded as we expected it to be with two big games on and after some “vulturing” we were able to actually nab some chairs and a spot at the bar.

Me too!

The Grizzlies were almost halfway through their game when we arrived and the NCAA game was about to start.  Thankfully the bar had plenty of TVs and both games were on at the same time.  I was all about the Grizz game since I have no real attachment to Kentucky or Kansas.

NCAA on the left, Grizz on the right

The only trouble I had was that the sound in the bar was for the other game so all of the whistles, grunts and commercials didn’t match up with the action on my screen.  I just tuned out and got into the grind with Rudy and TA as they handed Oklahoma City a loss in their home arena – playoffs still in sight!

Take that OKC!

I wouldn’t wanna mess with us either!  Since I was feeling adventurous in a new bar, I ordered a beer that had been recommended to me right before I left work – Delirium.


I’m no beer snob but it was described to me as a Belgian beer.  I like Belgium.  It came with its own fancy glass. I like fancy glasses.  It had elephants on the bottle. I like elephants.  I have no idea how to describe the taste – fancier than my typical Michelob Ultras but not as dark as my beloved Guinness – a great in-between, I’ll definitely order it again!

Belgium - from my trip abroad in 2009.

After the Grizz “W”, I paid a little attention to the NCAA game.  We hadn’t planned on staying for the whole game(especially me with the 9pm curfew) but the atmosphere was fun so I sucked it up.  We ordered another round and conversation turned to unibrows – thanks to UK’s Anthony Davis.

Anthony Davis

I mean no disrespect.  I know the extra hair between his brows has no effect on his ridiculous ballin’ skills but seriously.  We debated for a while if it’s appropriate for men to wax or tweeze their brows and the jury’s still out with the women and men having very different opinions (can you guess who thinks what?).  I say go for it – although it seems the brow has become a trademark for Davis.

I’m so glad I pushed the curfew back last night – found a new beer I like, and a new place to catch the Grizz games and a menu I’d like to try!  See you at Next Door for their next game?!

Where do you like to catch the Grizz when you’re not at home or in the Forum?  And what’s your vote on male brow waxing?!


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