56 and 57


Let’s get caught up on these runs.  So last night I went to my third Memphis track workout (a.k.a. Tuesday Night Torture – TNT)

March 27 – Run 56/86

Location: University of Memphis Track

Weather Notes: Warm but not hot.  Sun was setting, little breeze.

Distance: The total distance I ran was 3 miles.  The workout looked like this:

One lap warm-up

4 x 400m to be run at a comfortable pace close to your mile pace.  I did the first 3, all between 96 and 102 seconds

1 x 1600m (that’s a mile, y’all) to be run at a consistent pace similar to the first set of 400s.  I did it in 7:13.

4 x 400m to be run just a little bit faster than the first set of 400s.  I did the first two, rested on the third and ran as hard as I could on the last.  My times were 94, 102 and 89 seconds.

One lap cooldown

Other Notes:  I still dread these workouts.  And definitely whine about it all day  Tuesday.  But I go, and I know I’ll do the best I can, whatever Coach Paul says.  It’s best to just not think about it.  There’s a little anxiety amongst the runners before the workout begins as we run our warm-up laps.  “I think I heard him say ‘mile’.”  “I heard sets ‘two and three you should take a rest'”.  Waiting for the workout is almost worse than actually running it.  I LOVE 400s so I didn’t mind those.  I know I can run around the track once.  No matter how many times, I know I can mentally talk myself into one lap.  I’m not so friendly with the mile….that’s four very long laps.  I don’t feel like I was really in a rhythm until the fourth and final lap – my breathing was steady and my mental picture of myself as Katniss was in full force in my mind.

This is definitely how I looked at the track

If you saw me at the track and I didn’t look like a badass running from fire (more like a red-in-the-face, soaked with sweat runner trying to stay alive), I don’t want to hear about it.

March 28 – Run 57/87

Location: Midtown Pack Route

Weather Notes: High 50s, clear

Distance: 4.16 miles

Time: 43

Pace: 10+

Other Notes: The Pack was a decent size this morning and we welcomed a few runners back (including Peekay!).  Abby and I were definitely struggling because of the track workout last night, so the girls decided on 4 miles while the boys ran ahead and did their speedy miles.  Great morning for a run!




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