Motivation Monday


What’s new readers?  I was out much later on a Sunday than normal (10 pm) watching The Hunger Games on the big screen.  It was fabulous.  I’ve read all three of the books in the series and despite this I was curled up in a tight ball, hands close to my face in nerves the whole time.  I had a fun audience too – the theater was very full, mostly with some group of adolescents that arrived on not one but two big charter buses.  I was a little nervous at first when they were loud and obnoxious during the previews that my movie experience would be ruined but they behaved for the actual film.  We were all very into the games, crying at certain points and cheering and clapping at others.  I left the theater wanting to re-read book two to pick up the story again.  It’s definitely a cliff-hanger ending!

Hunger Games - The Tributes

Even if you haven’t read the books, or seen the movie, you can use the story as your motivation for the week.  Pretend like you’re training for an event where your fitness can determine if you live or die, I bet you’ll think twice about skipping that workout!

Katniss is a badass.

I think I’ll channel Katniss at my T.N.T. workout tomorrow, imagining I’m being chased by competitors out to kill me, or giant walls of fire, will certainly help my speed!

Have you seen the movie?  Read the book?  If not, what other literary or cinematic character could you pretend to be this week?

Happy Monday!


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  1. Your blog is my lunch time reading today! The Hungers Games was awesome and great motivation to get moving. 4:30 rolled around too fast this morning.

  2. I was going to text you Saturday from the theatre!!! I was thinking about you and wished we were watching it together…close…it was good! Love you, miss you!

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