Summary Sunday – Runs 44-50


I’ve been away too long.  And it’s the same sort of trouble that happens when you get away from running.  It’s just easier to keep avoiding it than to face the making up you have to do.  But today I’ve got some time, and truly want to be sitting down resting and reflecting.  The weather has been so wonderful here, and the work so busy (lucky me!) that I haven’t had my usual daytime to sit and write.  I’ll have to find some sort of new routine for the blog, because I do love it, and I love hearing from y’all.

Just because I’ve been quiet, doesn’t mean I’ve been sedentary.  I’ve been experimenting some with some interval strength training, continuing my yoga routine on Tuesdays and of course running.  Here’s a recap in reverse of the runs I’ve failed to report over the past 10 days (those miles still count you know!):

March 18 – Run 50/78

Location: Mud Island Riverfront

Weather Notes: 75 at start, 77 at finish

Distance: 6.7 miles

Time: no watch

Pace: no watch

Other notes: After spending most of the morning cheering on runners in the Germantown Half and Mayor’s Cup 5k (way to go Linda, Jenn, Molly, James, Debbie, Jeanie and Cory!), I was looking forward to a run in this sunshine.

Way to go Linda and Jenn!

So proud!

So, I kidnapped Peekay and set off for the river.  I had also planned to run virtually with my dad today so as I was heading downtown, he was headed for the Zionsville trail.  We couldn’t quite agree on a distance (he wanted ten, I said I could do ten in two separate runs…) so we just decided to start together and see how we ended up.  Peekay and I had a great 6.7 mile run – once down and back on the island, then once up and over the bridge, a water break (for both!) and back down and back on the island again.  There were lots of people and dogs out – we made quite a few friends!

New friends!

Loved the grassy part!

We raced this riverboat for the last half mile - we lost.

And now for the running re-cap of the past week-ish.

March 14 – Run 49/74

Location: Midtown Pack Route

Distance: 5 miles

Time: no watch

Pace: no watch

Big turnout!

The weather is bringing some people back to the group!  We had a great regular Wednesday morning run!

March 13 – Run 48/73

Location: University of Memphis Track

Weather Notes: 60s and sunny – evening run

Distance: Warm-up. 2(5×400) intervals.  2.25 miles total.

Time: 1: 90,92,90,92,94.  2: 88,rest,92,rest,92

Other notes: I’ve been thinking of venturing out to the FREE Tuesday night track workout at the University of Memphis for at least a year now.  I’ve always had something – either a class at the gym or a client – to get in the way.  But not this year, I’m going to make it a priority to make it to these workouts and be pushed in a different way.  I was nervous to go (to be expected of a first-time speed workout) but everyone was very friendly and I survived the workout.  I was sore for days after though!  Can’t wait to go back next week!

March 12 – Run 47/72

Location: From the gym to the zoo, with the beginners group

Weather notes: 60s and sunny

Distance: Approx. 3 miles

Time: no watch

Pace: no watch

Other Notes: The beginners will soon be ready for their first 5k!  Tonight was the first straight mile we’ve run in the program and all did just beautifully!  It was nice to run through the park, enjoying the extra daylight in our first run of daylight savings time!

March 10 – Run 46/70

Location: Greenline

Weather Notes: high 50s and sunny

Distance: 13.1 miles

Time: no watch

Pace: no watch

Other notes: I ran first with our beginners group for a total of 3.1 miles and then took Linda and Becca for a 10 miler to combine for a half marathon!  Our pace was steady and everyone did well – practicing for their upcoming races.  The Greenline was blossoming with colors and spring time smells – I can’t believe it’s only early March!

March 7 – Run 45/67

Location: Midtown Pack Route

Weather Notes: dodging rain

Distance: 6 miles

Time: no watch

Pace: no watch

Other notes: Met the pack this morning for our usual run.  I ran the first half with Russ to his turn off and then caught the girls for the run back.  Linda and I tacked on an extra mile to keep building her base for the upcoming Nashville half.


And that puts me back to (skipped Run 44 – was a run/walk down Peabody with the Pack – 3 miles) Run 43 – A Perfect 10!  I totaled 39.05 miles in my absence and will now be subtracting that from my running 1,000 mile goal total – and moving a bunch of marbles!

What have you been doing since I’ve been gone!?


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