Musical Wednesdays – Something Good This Way Comes


Spring has arrived early in Memphis (as I’ve mentioned in almost every post for about a week) and I still can’t get over it.  There has been a lot of front porch sitting (and blogging and reading), weeknight patio drinking, windows down driving and mid-day walking going on which all lead to an incredibly uppity feeling.

Something Good This Way Comes.  Jakob Dylan.  Seeing Things.

Something Good This Way Comes

I first heard this song during my Friday Night Lights TV show binge (I didn’t highlight that part of my life on the blog – but let’s say that show got me through the Colts’ miserable football season.)  I’ve used this song as a cool-down for all my classes before and sometimes on a running playlist when I just want to take it easy.  It’s easy going and delightful!

Speaking of the Colts, here’s this week’s Newsday Tuesday.  There’s not much to report, except that some idiots at the top of the Horseshoe organization have decided it’s a good idea to let Peyton go.  I’m not sure how to get in touch with the brains of this operation, but I’d sure as hell like to give him a few choice words.  YOU’RE. A. FOOL.

No more 18.

The big question remains for me – am I a Peyton fan and follow him to his new team…..or a Colts fan and I need a new jersey??

I’m going to need a little time to recover from this devastating breakup y’all.


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