Motivation Monday – Freedom


I’m sorry for the one-day delay – my schedule has picked up a bit and the weather here is gorgeous so I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties.

After finishing up a brief literary stint in Paris (The Paris Wife and Sarah’s Key), my reading adventures have moved back in time and back to America.  My current book is called Jubilee and is the “classic – and true – story of Vyry: the child of a white plantation owner and his black mistress, a southern Civil War heroine to rival Scarlet O’Hara.”  I snagged it off The Boys Next Door’s bookshelf the other night and have already found some inspiration in it.


If she were only free as a bird, free as the mourning doves on the wing and circling high overhead in the sky, racing beyond Marse John’s plantation and his squawking chickens, it would be wonderful to go winging away on such a golden morning.”

Stop looking at your run as a because I have to.  For training, for weight loss, for weight maintenance, for skipping yesterday, to burn off those extra Yo Lo trips (or that third beer last night).  Start viewing it as a because I can.  It’s your time, and during that run you are free from all else – work, emails, texts (unless you bring your phone with you….put it in airplane mode), chores, dishes, dinner.  Picture this for your next run, however long, however far.  You are free, running away from all your responsibilities, annoyances and deadlines.  For that time, and that distance, no one and no thing can get to you.  Enjoy!


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