Thankful Thursdays


Good morning!  After a late night on the town (10pm, late by my standards!) with the Grizzlies (victory over the Mavericks!), I had a full early morning schedule of clients.

I love TA!

The game was a lot of fun and the Grizzlies managed to hold on to a lead for most of the time.  My favorite players to watch are Tony Allen and Rudy Gay.  Tony is all over the place and full of energy.  Rudy is fun too, especially when he gets on a three streak or dunking spree.  Plus he’s just so tall and handsome – both vital skills to the game!


Despite the late night, I feel surprisingly awake and energized this morning!  Maybe it’s because spring is coming (and this is what I’m so thankful for today!)  Memphis has recently seen warmer temperatures (70s!), lots of blooming flowers and trees, and sunlight earlier in the morning and later in the evening.  Just this morning driving home from those sessions at 7am it was fully light out – a miracle!

Spring Blooms

The weather forecast for today is wonderful.  Abundant sunshine.  60s and 70s.  Chance of run – 100%

Spring in Memphis

What are you thankful for today?



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  1. Being the solar baby that I am this is unusual for me but today I am thankful for the rain. Unfortunately, we need it!

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