Run 42 – Irresistible


Since I teach Spin on Thursday afternoons at Inside Out, I don’t normally try to run too.  But today is just too perfect to pass up an opportunity to be outside.  So after my morning appointments were taken care of, I drove down to the river for a quick run along the mighty Mississippi.

Halfway through my run!

March 1 – Run 42/61

Location: Mud Island Mississippi River

Weather: PERFECT. 66 and sunny.

Distance: 2.6 miles running, 1 mile walking

Time: 22:46

Pace: 8:45

Other Notes: I (unintentionally) turned this run into a tempo run.  My first mile was at an easy comfortable pace (my music was slow at the start too) and then in the second mile I picked it up (in sync with the music) to about an 8:00 average but slowed down again for the last .6.  I’m almost to the 24-hour mark of a very tough interval workout (sharing with y’all soon!) and my legs are certainly starting to feel the effects of it!  Once I got back to the parking lot on the island, my legs were finished.  They said, “No thanks, we would not like to run one lap on the bridge”.  My soul said, “Well no thanks, I’m not ready to be out of the sunshine”.  So we compromised and walked a lap while I re-hydrated and took some photos.  66 feels great when I’m just outside but it was a little hot while I was running (yea, remind me of this post in two months when 66 is a dream away) and my mouth was parched.  Time to up the water intake!

View from Here

Hope your day is as lovely as mine 🙂


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  1. i did not plan to run today but also could not resist this amazing weather. Did a speed run. Easy warm-up to the Park and across the field to the lake. Speed run around Rainbow Lake, then slow half lap, repeat three times. (top pace 7:40). Followed by an easy jog back home. 3.5 miles of pure fun!

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