Run 41 – Almost Wasn’t


When I went to bed last night, the weather app on my iPhone did not leave much hope of a run this morning.  Every single photo on the hour by hour was a thundercloud, with percentages of 40% or higher for every hour through the night and into the morning.  The disappointment in my feet quickly turned to happiness when I realized I’d be able to come home and snooze after my early morning client.

Morning came and the walk to my car was mild and windy but dry.  I had my running shoes on just in case but the app was still saying “thunderclouds”.  By 5:50, a nice group had appeared ready to run and so my plans to nap quickly evaporated.  Oh well.  Still never have regretted a run.

February 29 – Run 41/60

Location: Pack AM route through Overton Park Neighborhood

Weather Notes: Threatening storms, windy, 70 degrees (not used to this heat!)

Distance: 5 miles

Time: 51:27

Pace: 10:30

Other Notes: Today’s run was tough with the wind and unusual heat (70s in February?!).  I was glad to be out there though, enjoyed good company with Linda, Elizabeth and Russ (as well as our canine companions Hazel and Peekay!)  I know without the group there, I certainly would have been back in bed!  Glad to have stayed dry too!


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