February Challenge Summary


It’s the last day of February!  And a bonus day to boot!  My day has been busy and lovely despite the clouds hovering over Memphis (the sun’s starting to peek through!).  I started the day off at Inside Out with a client and The Pack, enjoyed a healthy lunch at Cheffie’s Cafe and am now settled into a booth at Republic Coffee drinking a green tea.  The last day of the month also brings the last day of my February Challenge – Yoga.

Time to review how successful I was during my challenge.  As far as completing a yoga session everyday (as I had originally intended…) I failed miserably.  Like, less than 31% (9 days out of 29) miserably.  BUT I don’t like to fail so I’m going to twist my definition of success.  Looking back at my goals and reasons for choosing this challenge, I realized I have succeeded in most all of them.

  • Increase my flexibility – SUCCESS!  I can touch my forehead to my knee in certain stretches on the floor.  (I credit Bikram for this).
  • Learn to be present in my body and truly appreciate it – success (less enthused than the first goal).  I am getting better at focusing on my breathing, bringing my thoughts to the present and appreciating what my body allows my athletic determination to put it through.  But I’m not quite at full acceptance yet, which is where I’d love to be. (I credit Vinyasa for this).
  • Increase my strength, without lifting weights – SUCCESS! Couldn’t kick up into a headstand before!
  • Explore different kinds of yoga: success.  I tried Bikram, Vinyasa, and one online routine.
  • Yogi Stereotypes – SUCCESS! Bought a Lululemon yoga top while staying in Austin for my race……
  • Learn to create my own routines – nope.  Hasn’t happened, yet.

So, based on my goals, I’d say the monthly challenge was a big success.  I made it to 5 Bikram sessions and managed to get three friends to try it out too.

What next?  Yesterday at Midtown Yoga, I decided I’m enjoying the Tuesday class so much that I would continue to go each week.  I bit the bullet and bought ten coupons so that I can continue going!  Gotta work up to that headstand without the wall spot!

Stay tuned for the March challenge tomorrow!  And  a recap of tonight’s Grizzlies Game!!!


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