Run 40 – Winter Cross Country Series


February 26 – Run 40/57

Location: Shelby Farms

Weather Notes: Sunny 68 degrees with noticeable winds – spring’s almost here!

Distance: 6.2 miles

Time: 1:09:27

Pace: 11:12

Other Notes: Today’s 10k was the final race in the Winter Cross Country Series.  I did not participate in the full series but decided to hop in on the 10k to support my fellow runners Linda and Sharon.  It was a beautiful and sunny day and I absolutely enjoyed our trot through the farms.  The main thing to distinguish the Cross Country Series (CCS) from the Road Race Series (I participated in that series last summer/fall) besides time of year is that the CCS is run off-road for the majority of the course.  So today, although I have run at Shelby Farms many, many times, the course was new to me.  I did not like it.  We meandered up and down hills in the farm fields (sorry legs, we’re not quite out of hill territory yet…).  The worst part was that we looped around the same part of the course several times.  The same hills.  The same roots.  (But also the same wonderful, supportive and smiling volunteers!).  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the race and am glad I was there to be a partner to Linda, it’s just not my favorite course.

Afternoon in the Park

I’m hoping to be back on a regular blogging schedule this week!  I’ve missed y’all 🙂


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  1. Can’t thank you enough for your patient support of myself and Sharon. Facing the hills and trails one week after running a hilly 1/2 in Austin was courageous of you! It was such a thrill running to the finish together! Without your help I could have not reached my goal! Now back to the streets!

  2. Missed you, too. I am sorry my trip to Mazatlan got me away from my computer and your blog. I thought about you everyday! I ran 3 miles while I was there, possibly more! Love you!

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