Day 13 – Bikram Progress


February 13 – Day 7/13

Location: Bikram Yoga Memphis – Noon class

Bikram = 90 minutes.  105 degree room.  40% humidity.  Same series of 26 poses each time.

Other Notes: This was my fifth Bikram class in the past two weeks.  Today I noticed some big changes in my routine!  First of all, I’m not even phased by the smell of hot (it’s a weird smell that must be associated with Bikram yoga because the studio I attended in Ireland smelled exactly the same as Memphis, not B.O. but not actually pleasant either) when I enter the studio.  Or the sweat rolling into my eyes or off my nose on the inverted poses.  Or the incredible flexibility, fitness and physique of some of my fellow yogis.  Or the rapidity of my clothes going from completely dry to drenched (usually by pose 7).  Nope – none of that gets to me anymore, it’s all about the work involved in the poses:

Bikram Poses

  • I struggled keeping my balance on 4 today.
  • Had my best day of 5 yet!  Was able to fully extend the “floating” leg and hold it for a bit.  Same with 7.
  • 13 still rocks.
  • 17 is about to be declared impossible.  I may never try it again – my elbows (specifically my right) hurt SO badly.
  • 19 is coming along – looks sloppy but there’s slow progress each class.
  • I got all the way down to the top of my head on 20 – all that’s left is to bring my knees together.
  • 24 was probably my proudest moment when I touched my forehead to the knee of my almost straight extended leg.  Soon I’ll have it.

I’m halfway through the challenge!  Looking forward to continued progress!


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