Catching Up


Hey all!  How was the weekend?!  Mine was jam-packed with activities to share with you so I’ll start from the beginning –

Friday – remember I told you this day would be very busy.  Well it was – taught early morning class, saw a few clients, made it to a yoga class, grabbed lunch, hit the desk shift, had a few more clients and scurried off to babysitting.

February 10 – Day 6/10

Location: Bikram Yoga Memphis (round 4!) – 9:30 am class

Bikram = 90 minutes.  105 degree room.  40% humidity.  Same series of 26 poses each time.


  • The introductory breathing is quickly becoming my least favorite part of class.  But I know it is beyond good for my cardio (and therefore running) endurance.
  • I worked hard on #5 today and was able to extend my “floating” leg out to almost horizontal and hold for a few seconds.  Balance is improving!
  • 7 and 9 I was also able to do remarkably well (comparatively speaking) today.  I held 9 on my left and right side for the entire time!
  • Haven’t made it down to the floor on 12 yet.
  • God bless 13.
  • 17 is still terribly painful on my elbows – the instructors assure me that’s normal.
  • 19 is coming along!  I can get my legs off the ground a little bit.
  • And 20 I am able to get backwards to my elbows but not completely on the ground.  Yet.
The classroom felt much cooler than normal which allowed me to focus more on the work in the poses (rather than the sweat dripping off my body) and the 90 minutes passed very quickly.  I’m not sure if that’s me being well-adjusted to the room by now, or the heating system being flawed for the day…..pray for the former!
I did no yoga.  I did no running.  I did no blogging.  Instead I drove to Nashville for the afternoon to see The Vow with some girlfriends.  DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.  We all left feeling a little frustrated and unfulfilled by the movie.  I think the Notebook has forever set the standard too high for all chick flicks to follow.

Save your money.


I had big plans to get up and run 10 miles with my friend Lyndsay (she’s running the half next weekend with me) to practice some hills.  I take full responsibility for my alarm not going off and we slept right up until brunch.  Oops.

Instead I ran when I got back to Memphis.

Run 36
Location: Greenline with Hazel
Weather Notes: Chilly – 38 degrees, but sunny!
Distance: 5.3 miles
Time: 49 minutes
Pace: 9:15 ish
Other Notes: My initial thought when I got home from Nashville was to climb into bed and nap but huge feelings of guilt overwhelmed me plus I had the privilege of having a dog at my disposal so I set out for an afternoon jog.  I wished I could have done more but the darkness was coming.   Something is better than nothing though!
And now I’m here writing to you and sipping some green tea, full on the homemade soup I tried tonight (big hit!).  I’m going to work on that post for a while and if you don’t see it tonight, it’ll be up sometime tomorrow!  Good night!




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