Run 35 – Half and Half


After two days of running solo, it was nice to have the Pack to run with this morning – me + 4 humans + 1 dog.

February 8 – 35/39

Location: Pack 5 mile Route

Weather Notes: Crisp 46 degrees and clear skies when we started.  BIG almost full moon.

Distance: 5.58

Time: 57:04

Pace: 9:36

Other Notes: I ran the first half of the route with the boys and Peekay.  Somebody (Peekay was blamed for this) set a pretty fast pace but I made up my mind to keep up with the boys until the turnaround.  It was challenging to keep the low 8s, high 7s pace but I felt strong today too.  I joined Linda and Becca for the return trip at a more relaxed pace – talking lots about upcoming races, traveling and yoga.  Great start to a (busy!) Wednesday!

You can see my pace change at the halfway mark –

Avg Pace
Summary 53:32.2 5.58 9:36
1 8:31.8 1.00 8:32
2 8:06.5 1.00 8:07
3 8:44.2 1.00 8:44
4 10:57.2 1.00 10:57
5 10:48.2 1.00 10:48
6 6:24.2 0.58 11:01

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