Newsday Tuesday – Yoga on the Go


I am so excited to share today’s news with you – and also a little bummed that I didn’t follow through on this when I first thought of it!  Maybe there’s still time.

So y’all know I travel as much as time and money will allow. Although I haven’t experienced all the headaches of air travel (never had the oxygen masks release from the ceiling – Anna or been trapped on the tarmac for three hours – Dad), I’ve had my fair share of cancellations, delays and really long layovers.  At many of these layovers, usually in Atlanta or Salt Lake City, I (and you may think I’m crazy) have often wished for a little airport gym, or at least a treadmill to appear in my concourse.  Sometimes I end up walking up and down the concourse, lugging my wheel-less carry-on over my shoulder, just to stay moving.  Most of the time I end up surrendering to the not-so-comfortable chairs.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a gym nearby for those long layovers?  Help pass the time, relieve a little stress from traveling and get some energy out before a 3+ hour flight.  Sounds perfect.

Yoga on the Go


Well, if you’re passing through San Francisco you can take advantage of their yoga room at their international airport!  The 150-square foot room is reported to be the first yoga room available in the world at an airport (why didn’t I think of that?!)  It makes great sense and I am a traveler who absolutely would take advantage of it.  The room is free to use for all ticketed passengers.  While it cost $15,000 to $20,000 to construct, I imagine there’s very little in the way of upkeep expenses.  It is dimly lit and no instructors are provided.  I imagine people would even be willing to pay a little fee to use the room and have some peace and quiet.

If you’re flying through SFO, check out the yoga room just past the security checkpoint in terminal 2!  Read the full article from USA Today here.

Would you use a yoga room if it was available to you while traveling?  How about a gym?  Would you be willing to pay to use it?


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  1. i think it would be a great idea to have treadmills available at airports… I have saw people running around the airport in full gear although I have never done it myself… I have been tempted seeing most active people travel witth a bag full of excersize gear available at their disposal anytime/ anywhere… Airports would rather install a resteraunt though…

  2. I would absolutely love a gym in any airport I am in for more than 30 minutes. even just a quick jog would be so appreciated before any flight.

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