Run 33 – Hello Road, I’ve Missed You


It’s been 4 days since my last run – a long time when you consider the 32 day streak.  It was a much needed break and I was happy to get back out there.

February 6 –  33/37

Location: My ‘Hood

Weather Notes: A little chillier than we’ve gotten used to but wonderful and sunny – 48 degrees.

Distance:  2.44 miles

Time: 20:34

Pace: 8:25

Other Notes: I ran further than that, I promise!  I forgot to re-start my watch when I turned around at halfway.  I probably went closer to 3 miles.  I’m glad I went today – it’s always hard for me to get started again.  After a few days off, I build up this idea in my head that I’m going to be terrible at running.  And the longer I put it off the worse it gets.  The road was waiting all weekend and finally today I was ready to pound the pavement.  I’ll see it again tomorrow I missed it so much!

*February Challenge Update – To put it very bluntly – not going so well.  I haven’t done yoga since last Thursday – not a huge deal in the big picture but I was trying to do it everyday.  Instead of throwing in the towel because I’ve already missed my overall goal, I’ll get back at it tomorrow.  I promise you – if you don’t hear about it, ask me 🙂


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  1. you still have those shiny stones to move, don’t you 😉 it’s only been a few days…. go yoga!

    (I’ll put it as “go training” for myself ^^ have been off for 3 days too)

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