Depressed and Delayed Foodie Friday


I apologize for my absence yesterday.  I spent much of the day combating feelings of growing depression.  I think I can trace the beginnings of this depression to the Colts miserable football season.

Suck it Up!

The feelings grew in the past few weeks as buzz about “Superbowl Village” (in my beloved Indianapolis) started spreading on all forms of my social media pages.  Suddenly I had a burning desire to zipline across the city and take my photo next to the roman numerals.

Roman Numerals on the Circle

I almost grabbed the keys to my car when I heard these three celebs were strolling the streets of not just Naptown but my tiny hometown of Zionsville.

Rumored to be staying in Zville.

Spotted dining at the Friendly.

This man pushed me over the edge of the depression and is responsible for zero productivity and plenty of wallowing yesterday.

R. Gosling in Zville

He must’ve been antiquing on our brick main street.  I mean, what else are you gonna stop by the quaint farm town of Zionsville for?

It kills me a little inside to know I missed my opportunity to snatch him from Eva (and a million other girls in love).  Luckily Mama promised that if she ran into him, she’d pass along my digits.

A healthy dinner with friends helped to pull my wallowing self back to life – we had cajun tilapia, cheese grits and roasted brussel sprouts for dinner and plenty of laughs so I was feeling better by night’s end!

Anti-Depression Dinner

I learned  valuable lesson from this – IF A GIANT SPORTING EVENT IS HOSTED BY YOUR HOMECITY -GO!  (even if there’s no hope for your team to be there).



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  1. Talk about a giant sporting event….don’t forget, the Indianapolis 500 is EVERY year here in Indianapolis!!….the biggest spectacle in racing and the biggest one day sporting event in the world (due to the number of tickets sold….talk about a big stadium!!). And the celebrities are quite numerous, as well!! Glad you got to experience the Indy mini last year which kicks it off!! Come on back for race day!!

    BTW, no reason to be too depressed about missing any celebs in Zionsville…we have no actual confirmation….seems it has all been wishful thinking and endless rumors spread through social media…not that we are desperate for entertainment here or anything!!

    It’s all exciting hoop-la…you are so right…check out and enjoy the big events when they come to your town!

    Have a SUPER day!! (the most popular line here now…..)

  2. But Jessica, there’s a way for you to see Ryan! Drive came out at Redbox. I think you should cozy up with him and a bottle of wine before the weeks end

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