Run 32 – Laps


Couldn’t take a rest day just because the challenge is over – especially since Wednesday is our group run day!

February 1 – Run 32/32

Location: Mud Island, mostly Auction Street Bridge

Weather Notes: 62 degrees – third day in a row in a tank top!  Misty too.

Distance: 3.96 miles

Time:  39:32

Pace: 10:ooish

Other Notes: Usually we have our group runs start at Inside Out but since I didn’t have my earliest client this morning, I thought I would treat the group by introducing them to the bridge.  Linda, Jenn and Russ met me downtown for some laps on Auction St. Bridge.  Big congrats to Jenn and Linda for surviving (and dominating) their first bridge workout!  I did four laps at a comfortable pace (so that’s 8 hills total) and then caught up with Russ for the last one.  He simply said, “We’re doin’ this one my way” = run up as fast as you can.  I rolled my eyes and off we went for the first up – definitely tough!  Before we went back up the second time I restarted my watch – it’s .1 miles to the top of the bridge and it took Russ 35 seconds, me 41.  I will beat him before I die.

Happy Midweek!


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  1. Loved the change of pace and the challenge of a hill run in Memphis. Not easy to find one here! After 3 laps I finished my five on flat sidewalk. Next hill run I will try 5 laps on the bridge. Thanks for a jump start to the day!

    • Good for you for finishing your miles! Was going to chase you down but wasn’t sure which way down the river you went – after a few months with the bridge, you’ll be ready to tackle Nashville for sure 😉

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