Musical Wednesdays – Fire


I’ve been doing a lot of laptop work this week and working from home on new programs.  I quickly get bored with my iTunes library because I use it for runs, for classes, to make playlists etc.  And when you teach a class and run everyday – Lady Gaga gets boring really fast.  Plus, most of my fitness songs aren’t quite appropriate for getting creative juices flowing (you try writing a blog post to Usher’s More.)

So I’ve turned to Pandora for times I’m working from my laptop or doing chores around the house.  My current favorite station is Ingrid Michaelson where I was introduced to this song last week.

Some of my other favorite stations include:

  • Phoenix Radio
  • Backstreet Boys Radio (that’s right – I like to re-live the glory days of the 90s)
  • Today’s Country
  • Sugarland Radio
  • Today’s Alternative Radio

Fire.  Ingrid Michaelson. Human Again.

Human Again

Normally, I turn to Ingrid for relaxing but upbeat songs like Soldier and Everybody as background music to writing or cleaning.  Fire is a little different – more appropriate for a spin class or tempo run.  I like the stringed instruments as the background for the entire song and the drums make for a great opportunity to sprint (spin class) or increase pace (on a run).  Enjoy!

What’s your current Pandora station?

I’m off to meet the Pack for our Wednesday morning run – day 32!!


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