Motivation Monday


Good morning and happy Monday!!

Memphis had some rainy weather last week and a couple of my afternoons turned into crafternoons.  I discovered Pinterest in the late fall but only recently have started to re-create some of the things I’ve be pinning.  And today I’ll share my first success with you!

Here is the photo that “pinspired” me.


I loved the idea of moving a marble for each pound (or percentage of a pound) lost.  As a psychology major, I know that this can be very rewarding!  My fitness goals aren’t too concerned with weight loss anymore (though like every girl, wouldn’t I love to lose 5 or 10 pounds?!  I wouldn’t ever get to move any marbles though!) so I thought I would change it up a bit to……….drumroll please!

Not pounds to go - MILES to go!

Please, act a little surprised.  This craft was SO easy – you just need:

  • Two empty vases (they don’t even have to be the same size)
  • Marbles, stones, buttons, rocks (to represent what you’re going for)
  • Ribbon, stickers, ink, paint (to decorate the vases)


The color of the stones is where you can get your first bit of creativity!  Chose colors to match the room you’ll put this in, represent your favorite sports team, etc.  GET CREATIVE!

Colors to match my room.

I had to get a little crafty with the logistics of my craft because  I was NOT about to buy 1,000 rocks at Michaels or vases big enough to hold that many.  So after some careful counting, I managed to fit 250 stones into the “Miles to Go” jar, and will move one stone for every 2 miles I run.  My thinking is, I’ll empty the vase once, treat myself to something FABULOUS (spa day anyone?) and start over.  SO the goal is to empty “miles to go” twice in 2012.

Finished product!

Luckily for me, I had some instant gratification when I got to move almost 50 stones over to the empty vase because of my previous runs this year!

Other ideas (just make sure you know how many marbles you want to start in the initial jar!):

  • Pounds lost
  • Days of a 30-day challenge completed. Either doing something everyday or NOT doing something everyday (smoking, drinking soda etc.)
  • Days that you run/workout
  • Miles run

You can take the fun up a notch by rewarding yourself when the initial full vase runs out – so after 30 runs or 10 pounds get a massage or buy a cute new running top!  Then start over!

What would you keep track of?


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  1. Fun idea! I’d love to see the goal getting accomplished that way 🙂 Now, only have to find two vases and those cute stones 🙂 (and maybe getting a goal since I don’t want to loose 100 pounds… but maybe 30 though…)

    /your Swede in training 🙂

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