Sunday Funday


Yesterday I mentioned I had a meeting to discuss upcoming beginners and intermediate training groups at Inside Out Gym!  I can’t divulge all the exciting details just yet but I can let you know that if you would like to start running or take your running up a notch (both are LIFE CHANGING – I speak from experience) I’ll have a program for you 🙂  Stay tuned!

The meeting happened post-run and over food – in typical runner style at Stone Soup Cafe.

I’ve been wanting to try this new Cooper Young spot for a while and this casual business meeting seemed like the perfect opportunity!

Stone Soup Cafe

The cafe is disguised as a pretty standard Midtown home which gives it a comfortable and cozy feeling inside.


Word is out about this relatively new spot – it was crowded but we didn’t have to wait for a table.  I enjoyed a cup of tea, a veggie omelette and two slices of their home-made bread.  The food wasn’t outstanding but there was nothing to complain about either.  Very friendly service!

Fuel for the meeting

Have you been to Stone Soup Cafe yet?  What did you think?


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