Day 28 – Business Meeting


January 28 – Day 28/31

Location: Shelby Farms Greenline (starting at Highland)

Weather Notes: 42 degrees with a breeze

Distance: 5 miles

Time: 45:21

Pace: 9:04

Other Notes: I was joined by Norman, Becca and Jenn this morning for a delightful start to the weekend.  I stuck with Norman for the duration of the run talking about upcoming races we want to run in and training in the past.  We were scheduled to meet later this morning for the running group training we’re putting together but got a start on some ideas on the run.  I wish all business meetings could take place during a run!

Friday Night

I have a special appreciation for sunsets and there was an especially spectacular one last night I wanted to share with y’all!  I wish I had been down by the river to take a better picture and this one certainly does not do the sky justice!

Memphis Sunset

I mentioned yesterday that my roommate and I were hosting a dinner party last night – and it was a fabulous success!  Each guest was responsible for bringing a different dish and we provided the setting, main course and dessert.


Appetizer – prosciutto wrapped melon and wine.

Sides – green beans with mushrooms, caprese salad, quinoa with avocado, tomato and cilantro, corn on the cob. and wine.

Main dish – coconut crusted tilapia.  and wine.

Dessert – dark chocolate dipped and sea salted cara caras and caramel brownies sprinkled with sea salt.  and wine.

There was not a single thing I did not like and I cleaned my dinner plate, making enough room for plenty of chocolate dessert!  The little bit of sea salt was a nice touch on all the rice chocolatey-ness of both desserts.

Girls' Night!

I really enjoyed hosting dinner and eating a variety of dishes.  It was an eclectic group of Rhodes graduates a year older than me and some of my roommates co-workers.  We broke the ice using camp-style introductions: we said our names and told the most embarrassing wipe-out story we have about ourselves (I mean why wait to let strangers know about your worst fall ever?).

I shared the tale of a night long ago (sophomore year of college) when my sorority hosted a formal in a bowling alley.  (Already you know where this is headed).  First of all, I’d like to say bowling shoes compliment formal attire quite nicely.


For some reason I think the universal amateur approach to bowling a strike appears to be more about strength and less about technique.  That’s the approach I took anyway.  So I stepped up for my turn, heart set on bowling a strike (that surely would have impressed my date), swung my arm back and went to release the ball.  Well it didn’t quite release at the proper time from my thumb and the weight of the ball pulled me across the line and onto the actual lane.

Those lanes + the bowling shoes are like butter.  There was no hope for me – that shoe and all of my weight flew right up from under me and I went straight down on my rear.  I sat there stunned for a moment and then quickly hopped up – Oh it hurt so badly!

Unfortunately I have no photos of the actual wipe-out – so I included the pain of these strangers instead.  Put a bright orange dress on and tie a balloon to the third person and you’ve pretty much got my wipeout.

What’s the worst fall you’ve ever taken?



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