Thankful Thursdays – Stuff “_____” Say


Recently “Shit ______ Say” videos have been popping up all over Facebook, blogs and YouTube.  There is really no qualification for which group of people fits in the _________.  I think first it originated with the skit “Shit Girls Say” video and from there turned viral with wannabe comedians coming up with their own stereotypical phrases for stereotypical groups of people. I’ve seen sorority girls, white girls, drunk girls, hungover girls, brides and suburban moms targeted.

This may seem like a shallow gratefulness but I am truly thankful for the people who post these videos.  In a crazy day they provide some quick comedic relief as I find myself laughing along to the tiny morsels of truth in each skit.  I’m not sure what is more funny to me, the one-liners that each creator comes up with or the boys themselves acting as girls/women.  My favorites are listed below – check them out and thank me later.

Sh*t Nobody Says. – “I totally understand my taxes

Sh*t Guys Don’t Say. – “Can we be Facebook official?

Sh*t Single Girls Say. – “If I met Ryan Gosling at a bar, I’d hook up with him” – As a single girl, I can verify that statement.

My personal favorite is Sh*t Women Say to their Personal Trainers, even though I have never heard any of these phrases come out of my clients mouths….

I started thinking about which group of people I would make a video about if I had the extra time and skills to make a video.  It didn’t take long for me to settle on runners and now I’m on a hardcore brainstorm to make a list of phrases and one-liners popular in the running circle.  I’ll have plenty to think about on my run this afternoon!

Do you have a favorite “Sh*t ______ Says” video?

What would you include in a “Sh*t Runners Say” video?


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