Musical Wednesdays – My Body


Today’s music selection was inspired by yesterday’s treadmill workout – remember I mentioned I had to fight that voice in my head that was saying “STOP!” and keep pushing until I was actually done with my workout?  Well I think this song captures that sentiment perfectly, and in a very upbeat way!

My Body.  Young the Giant.

My Body, Young the Giant


My body tells me no, but I won’t quit, cause I want more” – how perfect is that for motivation?!  Click here to listen.

What song helps get you through that final push?


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  1. Thanks for putting in the link…I liked it and have downloaded it from iTunes! A recent go-to of mine is “More” by Usher that I used with the DePauw soccer team slideshow….”push it to the limit, give it more…” ….”but if I stop just know that Imma bring it back….never quitting, don’t believe in that”…. and one of my favorite lines for the soccer team, “best when under pressure with seconds left I show up”….

    So, now “Body” will go in the mix since it is always telling me “no!!”….thanks!

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