Newsday Tuesday – What’s in your Drink?


The Center for Disease Control released a study in August of 2011 stating that half of the U.S. population over age 2 consumes sugary drinks daily.  Are you one of them?!  

I can’t say I’m completely surprised at this statistic, and honestly it’s a little lower than I would think, maybe because juices, coffee drinks, sweetened teas and flavored milks weren’t included.  Sugary drinks are everywhere – fast food, gas stations, sporting events, movie theaters, coffee shops, bars.  This image displays pretty clearly the caloric damage you could do in a day of beverages.  1370 calories?!  That’s almost the equivalent of a normal day of eating for me!

That mocha completely negates my 40 minutes on the treadmill this morning!

The article highlighted some other statistics:

  • Male teens are the most frequent consumers and guzzle about 252 to 273 calories every day from various drinks.
  • Kids and teens get about 6.7% to 8.2% of their daily caloric intake from the beverages, and adults get about 5% to 8%. (May not seem like much, but can add up to pounds a year!)

You may read the full article on by clicking here.

I am in no way suggesting that you should eliminate all sugary drinks from your lifestyle – I love a sugary coffee drink or adult beverage every now an then!  I do think it’s important to be aware – think back on your day of drinks and see what makes the list.  Lots of sugary beverages?  Try replacing with some of the options below:

  • Unsweetened hot or cold tea (available in a variety of flavors – try Green Tea with Jasmine or Spiced Chai Tea – not Chai Tea Lattes….)
  • Flavored sparkling water like Perrier or La Croix
  • Ice water (sometimes you just can’t beat it)
  • If you must have that sweet coffee fix (like me!) – opt for the “Skinny” version.  Skim milk and sugar-free syrup!
  • Skim milk or unsweetened almond milk

How sugary was your day?  What other sugar-free alternatives do you suggest?


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