Musical Wednesdays – Hometown Glory


You may think that since the past two weeks’ selections have featured country artists that my iPod only contains country music.  Think again.  This week’s selection is almost proof that I listen to more than country (although I do love it).

Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix). Adele.  (Original Hometown Glory from Album 19).

Adele 19


I like this song for the upbeat techno music and also the changes in tempo.  I’m also a big fan of Adele’s powerful pipes in general.  I use it frequently in my interval Spinning classes for sprints or fast jumps.  I have yet to use it for a run but it would be great to include on a playlist for a speed run or sprint to the finish.

Listen here.

Are you a fan of remixes?


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  1. Thanks for introducing this….I do like remixes sometimes….I didn’t care for this one at first as I do like original Adele….but the tempo can grow on you and agree that it is a good one for running/spinning.

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