Sunday Funday


Sunday Funday – I haven’t been doin’ so hot keeping up with my weekend posts.  I’d really like to get in the habit of posting the Weekend Workout on Saturdays and a recap of fun Memphis things on Sundays – so, at the expense of a home-cooked dinner, folded laundry and a tidy room, here’s a recap of some Memphis fun.

I had big plans to regain some kitchen confidence after my salmon semi-disaster on Friday but decided instead to save the time, effort and food for a day later this week.  Instead I’ve picked up a coffee (yes, you read that right – it’s 7:30 pm and I’m drinking coffee – caffeine has nothin’ on this girl) and sandwich from Miss Cordelia’s on Mud Island and am completely captivated by Law Abiding Citizen (this post may take longer than I planned, as I’m writing only on commercial breaks…)

Veggie Delight with French Vanilla Coffee

Memphis Grizzlies

Yesterday I was so lucky as to be offered very last minute Grizzlies tickets from a client and friend who wasn’t going to be using theirs.  The NBA isn’t my favorite sports league (I was turned off big time when my hometown Pacers turned gangster in a big brawl with the Pistons)

Gangsters loose on the court

But 6 years with the Memphis Grizzlies is starting to turn me around.  I guess they truly got me last year with their incredible playoff run – quite a few games were watched from the nosebleeds.  But not yesterday…….!  I took three friends and we were in the club level seats!

FedEx Forum - Game Time!

Great view of the boys!

The Grizz played a great game while we enjoyed free food and drinks from above.  I realized two things at the game – 1. I’d like to continue to work hard so that someday I make enough money to have those seats at every game and 2. I miss playing basketball.

After the game I met some friends out for drinks at Bardog and stayed out waaaay past my usual weekend bedtime of 10 pm.  So worth it.

Heaven in Memphis

After a productive fitness morning (run # 15 and a South African-themed Spin class) I set off on a little shopping adventure.  Just a short drive away from Midtown is a runner’s/fitness professional’s/comfy-clothes-lover’s heaven.  The Nike Factory Store.

Inside the greatest store in Memphis

Inside this factory store, you will find all the best Nike products at seriously, ridiculously marked down prices.  Shorts, shirts, jackets, gym bags, pants, and………..


Yes please.

I browsed the clothes for a while but was truly there for the shoes.  Normally I strike out on the “cool shoes” because of my big feet but not today!  I’ve been looking for some pink shoes and Nike Frees for a long time and today they combined into one fantastic discounted shoe.

Bam. New training shoes.

Since they’re white, I’ll obviously only be wearing them while I train my clients – we’ll see how long their crispness lasts.

Next time you’re in the market for new workout gear – check out the factory store.

4099 South Plaza Drive, Memphis, TN 38116.

Good night friends, many of you don’t work tomorrow but this chick does 🙂


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