Musical Wednesdays – Hell on Heels


I first heard this song in one of Lisa’s Spin classes at Inside Out Gym.  Spinning has its typical songs – the techno mixes, top 40s pop hits, Sandstorm, workout re-mixes, you know the drill.  A great Spinning instructor has the ability to select music that’s going to strike a chord with the audience (in all my years Spinning, Sandstorm has never done that – although I do manage to stay on beat), maybe not every class member and maybe not every time but Lisa got me in her class a few weeks ago with Pistol Annie’s Hell on Heels.

Hell on Heels

“….I done made the devil a deal. He made me pretty. He made me smart and I’m gonna break me a million hearts. I’m hell on heels, baby I’m comin’ for you.”

Since I rarely wear heels, maybe make mine “Hell on Wheels….”, and make it my motto for the year – watch out boys.

Do you have any “non-traditional” workout songs that inspire you?


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