Newsday Tuesday – Olympic Countdown


Before I was a fitness freak, I was just an athlete.  I’ve always loved sports – playing them and watching them.  One of my favorite displays of human fitness and athleticism are the Olympics – specifically the summer Olympics.  I’m also a big fan of women being allowed to participate in the same events as men (I’m not trying to say we’re as good as men at specific events but we sure as hell deserve to play if we want to) and so I’m very pleased to report (though I think it’s a shame it took this long) that for the first time ALL of the men’s events in this year’s Olympics are also available to women!  The event that took the longest?  Boxing.

Get 'em girls!

Read more on the decision here.  (And apparently I’m two and a half years behind the decision, but I’m still excited!)

Ready for the Olympics!

Just 199 days until the Olympics – I’m definitely ready for my chance in the ring!

How do you feel about women in sports?  Specifically, how do you feel about the addition of female boxing to the Olympics?



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