Do What You Can


The streak continues!   It was a gorgeous and sunny day here so I’m not sure what about running inside lured me to the treadmill to complete my 5th run.

January 5 – Day 5/31

Location: Inside Out Gym on the treadmill

Weather Notes: N/A

Distance: 2.75 miles

Time: 25:00

Pace: 9:09

Other Notes:  Started at 6.0 mph and increased by .1 mph every 2 minutes up to 20 minutes and then decreased by .1 mph every minute.  I had to dart off to teach an interval spin class so didn’t get the full thirty minutes I had hoped but I DID WHAT I COULD.  I enjoyed the pyramid build up – it helped keep my attention.

Now it’s time to curl up and browse some recipes for tomorrow’s post!


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