5 miles for Day 4


Wednesdays are designated group runs from Inside Out Gym (if you live in Memphis, join us next week!) so I had no doubt in my mind that I would continue on my 31 day journey today.

January 4 – Day 4/31

Location: Midtown Pack Loop

Weather Notes: Chilly but invigorating (seriously!)

Distance: 5.04 Miles

Time: 48:29

Pace: 9:35

Other Notes: Linda and Tish joined me this morning and there was lots of chatter for goals in 2012.  Half marathons planned.  Speed improvements planned.  Running planned.

When we start, it’s usually very dark.  One of my favorite things about morning runs (besides my people of course!) is having the sun rise as we finish the second half of the route.  At certain points during the run all is quiet as the world begins to wake up, I like feeling like I’m getting a jump start on the sun.

Mile 4 heading back to the gym!

What a great way to finish a run

It’s not always easy rising before the sun, especially in the winter, but never have I regretted crawling out from under the covers – especially on mornings like this one.

What’s your favorite thing about morning runs?


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