January Challenge!


In my list of 12 resolutions goals for 2012, I said I wanted to pick a month where I ran every day.  I decided today that January will be that month!  When I told my virtual running partner that this morning, he said – but it has 31 days…….and is cold……and it rains a lot…..and it’s dark a lot.  All unfortunately true.  


I’m also already two days completed…..it will help me get a jump start on several of my other goals (#s 1. and 12.)…..and all those reasons to not do it, are really great reasons to make sure I’m committed to 31 days of running.  Any month is going to have its challenges – February and March are pretty cold too.  April and May see more rain than all the other months combined.  June through September are blisteringly hot. And October through December is holiday season.

TAKE THIS CHALLENGE AND MAKE IT YOUR OWN: I challenge you to a month of running (if you’re a reader who doesn’t run, a month of getting up and at ’em) everyday.  It doesn’t have to be a 5 miler or a track workout every time, but make an effort to challenge yourself to lace up those shoes everyday and get a great habit going!  You’ll thank me in 29 days!

Happy Running - from the NYE crew!

Are you up for the challenge?  Share your progress here!


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