Holiday Fitness Fun


We have sure crammed a lot into two days as far as exercise goes!  It definitely helps having an athletic family and fitness-minded friends at home but don’t let the absence of partners keep you from getting moving!

Yesterday was particularly active: I started the morning off with my middle school cross country coach (and fitness enthusiast, he’s known around these parts as nutty) and his wife, my fourth grade teacher, in the stairwell of a nearby office building.  A sucker for adventure and new fitness challenges, I accepted the offer to “climb the stairs” when they extended it to me.  We did the 11 flights of stairs six times.  It’s relatively self-explanatory, we literally climbed to the top of the building and then back down, six times.  There was some strategy involved though – we used our arms to help pull us up (I can definitely feel it in my shoulders today), our pace was slow but steady, we took two stairs at a time and the technique for coming down has been dubbed “monkeying down the stairs” as you lift most of your weight up using the railings and skip a few stairs each flight to make it to the bottom. The first two rounds weren’t too bad but I was breathing heavily and sweating by the last round!  A great workout for your legs and heart for sure, and when done properly, your arms too!

Next I joined the men and dogs for a run on our Rail Trail – very similar to my Memphis Greenline.  Pretty standard five mile run.  When I got home, Bro was looking for a raquetball partner… I volunteered.  We ventured back to the mega gym of LA Fitness.  All my Inside Out folks, here’s what I mean by “mega”:


So many choices.  I wandered around just looking for a while.  There was even an upstairs filled with just cardio machines.  It was great for the raquetball but a little overwhelming in all other regards.  Not even kidding it took me five minutes just to find the hamstring curl machine….


I sure gave him a run for his money.  I think I have bruises from running into the wall(s).  Even though I had a few strategically placed shots for a point, I’ll stick to running!

Ooops, missed that one.

Christmas Day I am certainly feeling the effects of yesterday – my right leg is noticeably more sore than my left which I’ll posit is because I led with the right for each flight (three steps to each flight means I did twice as many steps with my right……).  Regardless, we had to get outside to run because it was just beautiful!  Plus, I have some new brightly colored workout gear to test!

Christmas day walk/run with the family! Even Sophie!


The Christmas puzzle is finished!  We came home from the candlelight service last night and worked hard for hours (seriously, didn’t go to bed until after 1 AM) before I gave up and retreated upstairs.  Then in a feverish attempt to save Christmas, we worked hard for a few more hours this morning until all 1,000 pieces were in place:


Come to think of it, my neck is a little sore too……..


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