Home for the Holidays


I left a chilly and rainy Memphis this morning to arrive in a chillier but still rainy Indianapolis.  My parents picked me up and we went straight to meet up with some friends at Flat 12, a local brewery that they (surprise!) invested in recently.  I was a little surprised to hear that – mostly just because I’ve never heard them talk about investing in anything but it’s kind of cool!

The Tasting Station

I tried the blonde, the IPA, and a few of the stouts but recently I haven’t had much of a taste for beer (much to the dismay of a few fellow investors….) so didn’t drink much.

The tasting room

In addition to the brewery, there’s also a pizza place attached.  Beer and pizza, pretty genius!  We ordered several varieties – cheese, meat and BBQ chicken.  The pizzas were made of a really thin and crispy crust which I liked and another twist was that they were grilled!  I had to taste the BBQ chicken to see how it compares to Memphis – it was delicious and very spicy, but honestly can’t even compare to Trolley Stop or Memphis Pizza Cafe!

BBQ Chicken Pizza - SO spicy

Just in case....study up!

I’ve already run into my fourth grade teacher, my middle school cross country coach, my middle school basketball coach and I haven’t even been here six hours yet.  I love coming back to my small hometown (though it’s much bigger than I remember)!  We stopped by the high school to catch the end of the boys basketball game and I wandered around the gym halls with my mom looking at the photos of the recognized athletes (I’m in one!).  I miss high school basketball – and the Friday and Saturday nights in that gym.

The stockings were hung

I came home to a fully decorated house and the first thing we did was build a fire.  It’s not really cold enough for one but that’s probably the one thing I miss most in the winter time.  I started the Christmas puzzle by sorting out the edge pieces and putting some of those together – though I was a little distracted by the television (what can I say, I’m not used to having one!), Grey’s Anatomy was on!  We’ve got a long way to go if that puzzle is to be finished before Santa comes!

Our tree!

There are plans to run in the morning.  I gave my best effort to try to get the time pushed back to later than 6AM but my running partner wasn’t having it.  I’m running with my dad and his group in the morning and apparently they’re not on Christmas break yet!

Good night!

So with that, I’m off to sleep!  Merry almost Christmas – easy on the cookies and fruitcake 😉


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