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I love Sundays, for their laziness, their productivity and restfulness.  I enjoyed sleeping in this morning before going to the gym for a strength session before my favorite Spin class.  Then, I joined the boys next door for some Red Zone football AND (you won’t believe this) THE COLTS WON!!  We won’t be winless after all 🙂

I spent the evening enjoying dinner with friends before I came home to be serenaded by Michael Buble while I put together Christmas treats for my clients (you’ll see later what they get, can’t tell yet since some of them read this!) and I registered for my next race!

….Well, it’s been two weeks without a race on the calendar.  That’s two weeks too long!  Remember, I have the rule that I don’t start one race without signing up for another one?  Well, broke that one for a few weeks.


UP NEXT: (drumroll please…………….)

Austin, TX

February 19, 2012 – just 62 days away!  Some considerations that went into this decision – I’ve got a great group of girlfriends who live there and would be willing to put me up for a few nights, plus one (and maybe two) of them is registered too so I’ll have a partner!  If you’d like to join us, register here!



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