When ….. Came to Memphis



It may have been in the 70s the past two days but the Christmas spirit abounds in Memphis and at my house.  The Sunday after the race, Rooms and I braved the cold and rainy weather to find our perfect tree.  I had heard on the radio that morning that Home Depot had a nice selection of live trees so that was our first stop.  It’s a long stretch from my childhood memories of searching rows and rows of trees at Watts’ Christmas Tree Farm and feeding the reindeer but it was perfect for two girls on a tight budget.  Home Depot was actually a wonderful tree-shopping experience.  We easily found a 6’7′ tall Fraser and one of the workers trimmed it for us and even helped us tie it to the car in the rain!

Santa's Helper

In a fantastic team effort, we rearranged the living room to make room for our tree and got it all set up in the tree stand on Sunday night.

Ready to decorate!

We decided to wait until Monday to attack the lights and ornaments (please, we were still exhausted from the race….).


Luckily, a small tree has its perks.  The lights took no time at all, and the ornaments were fun to hang.  An assortment of a new box of mixed ornaments from Home Depot and some old favorites from home.  A few candles, garland and stockings later – our living room is ready for Santa!

Christmas at my house.


Again, despite the mild temperatures of the past two days, we’ve already had two snowfalls in Memphis!  UnFortunately in the south, the snow doesn’t stick around as long as it does in sweet home Indiana!  It sure looks pretty at first though.

Neighborhood Snow.

Morning Dusting.

One night while enjoying my week (or two) away from running I met some friends (old and new) to ice skate at the zoo.  I had no idea what to expect but we got a tiny rink, skates, wine and a fun time!  If you live here, I HIGHLY recommend participating in this festive activity.  I will go back!  Check out fees and skate times here.

She's a pro.


At the river last summer

My college roommate has been serving in the Peace Corps in Mozambique Africa since September 2010.  We’ve stayed in touch through emails, our blogs (check her adventures out here!), gChat phone calls and some verrrry slow snail mail.  I was lucky enough to get to have her not just in Memphis but staying at my house for the past three days.  We crammed as much Memphis as we could into her time here – going to Celtic for pint night, Central for dinner, YoLo for dessert, Qwik Chek to pick up lunch and Rhodes to eat it with her brother, Happy Mexican for chips and margaritas followed by a Tuesday night trip to Beale Street to include Silky’s, Superior karaoke bar and some late night Christmas decorating, shopping at the outlets (Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma) followed by Muddy’s and Trolley Stop Market, and bringing the trip to an end watching Elf with some friends (and more Muddy’s cupcakes.  It literally went by that fast.  And I loved every second of it.

Because I wanted to spend every second possible with my long lost friend, I did very little exercising the past three days (and maybe a little because I was enjoying the indulgent lifestyle!).  This afternoon I broke my streak by teaching an all-terrain spin class.  It’s amazing what you can lose in a week of doing absolutely nothing – especially if there’s a good amount of eating and drinking on top of it……IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE BACK!




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