One week later….


The race is over.  The celebrating has concluded.  My race clothes are washed.  The soreness is gone.  The porta-potties have disappeared from the race route.  My time is forever solidified in the online race results archives.  A few too many drinks, milkshakes and trips to YoLo have gone down.  Now what?  I’ve taken the past week off of running and any kind of serious training to reflect on the training experience and think about what I want to do next.  Here are some things I’d like to focus on (in addition to continuing to run of course!):

  • Increasing my flexibility – perhaps a daily stretching routine or incorporating some yoga.
  • Increasing my strength – I miss being able to do a pull-up, and love feeling like I can compete with the boys….
  • Learning some cool tricks on the TRX – handstands?!  I think so!
  • Decreasing my eating – Although the sweets and drinks have been delicious, my body’s ready for some clean eating again!
  • Taking some time to explore the dating scene – I know, crazy!
  • Connecting with y’all, my readers – so if there’s things on here you’d like to see, let me know!
  • Continue to do my best work at “the office” – teaching, and inspiring people to make their impossible, possible.
  • Enjoying the holiday season with Memphis family and Indianapolis family – Ice skating, decorating, holiday movies!

Over the next few weeks, be on the lookout for some formatting changes on the blog, as well as a race review and goals for the new year!  Less than two weeks til Christmas!


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  1. I look forward to following you on a few topics…I am focusing on a few of the same areas…especially keep us posted on the dating scene. Love you! OXOXOXOXOX

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