4 Days and First Snow!


4 Days to the St. Jude Half Marathon!

This week is supposed to be a lighter training week so I’ve taken out my TRX training days, heavy strength training and a run or two.  But after taking Friday through Monday away from running I had to test my legs this morning with my favorite indoor workout – 400 repeats.  Since it’s taper week, I didn’t push as fast on the intervals.  Instead I alternated between 8.0 and 8.5 mph which is right around my goal pace.  I wanted to make sure my legs could still go that fast after the rest and mounds of food over the weekend.  Good news – they can!  And I was pain-free and strong.  I know that I usually leave the 400 m repeats feeling fast and fit and confident so I intentionally picked that workout today!  Positive and fast thoughts for Saturday!


I think it’s time to pull out the cold-weather gear for good!  Memphis had it’s first snow of the season last night so I’m bustin’ out the hats, gloves, under armor and fleece.  We’ve got our last Pack run before the race in the morning and it’s going to be chilly!  Here is a chart of what I typically wear based on the temperature

Low 30s and below – Under Armor pants and Under Armor long sleeve top.  Jacket over top.  Thick gloves.  Thick ear warmers.  Maybe even another layer over my Under Armor pants.

High 30s – Under Armor pants and Under Armor long sleeve top.  Gloves and Bondi Band headband on my ears.

Low 40s – Knee-length pants and long sleeve shirt (not as insulating as Under Armor).  Gloves and Bondi Band headband for ears.

High 40s – Knee-length pants or shorts and short sleeve shirt.  Gloves, maybe need Bondi Band headband.

     Low 50s – Definitely shorts and short sleeve shirt.  Gloves to start, but will probably be removed during the run.

Snow or rain – hat and jacket.

I typically look at the predicted low for the night before a run and plan my outfit on that.  So, since tonight’s low is 29 (gasp!!) I’ll plan on Under Armor pants and shirt, gloves, and thick ear warmers!   Friday night’s low is supposed to be 35 so plan on 35 or low 40s Saturday morning (PERFECT!).  Feel free to use my recommendations as a guide – but you’ll ultimately have to figure out what works for you!

Things You Should/Could Be Doing During The Taper

  • Drinking water, lots of it!
  • Resting!
  • Sleeping in or napping!
  • Thinking about your race day outfit!
  • Making sure everything will be charged!
  • Planning your pre-race meal and fueling strategy for the race!
  • Making a new, positive, upbeat and inspirational playlist!

What have you been doing with your extra time?


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