Meet the Family


Before I introduce you to my entire extended family, I’ll give you an update on the post-turkey day exercise.  I had a workout date with my brother – after a brief discussion, we decided to hit the weights for a full upper-body workout.  We did 3 sets of 12 repetitions, being sure to hit chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders and back.  While we waited for each other to finish our reps, we did a variety of core moves.  It took about an hour and I had a lot of fun having a partner!

Strong sibs. I like to think I can still beat him in a fight.....

Later in the day I stuck to my leftovers plan of veggies and protein for my lunch.  I piled on the broccoli salad and turkey.

Protein and veggies.

That was plenty to fuel a five mile hike that I was hoping to get more people involved in.  Puzzles, shopping, movies and work distracted some but my two uncles joined me for a trek through the Kennesaw trails.

The treacherous creek we had to cross....

Historic battlefield site.

What leftovers did you choose today?!

Meet my Family

Cousin Tripp (Nashville) and brother Nathan (Greencastle, IN) zonked out – not sure if it’s from the tough workout earlier in the day or all the food at Thanksgiving.

Food comas

Cousins Austen and Camren (Marietta) and Tripp load up plates at the first buffet station.

Hittin' the first buffet

Aunt Laura (Marietta) and Mama (Zionsville) show their love.

2/3 of the sisters

Yours truly (Memphis) caught in action.

Caught documenting

Trying hard to get just one good photo of the Sprenkel siblings with Nan Oat (Atlanta)

The Sprenkel kids with Nan Oat

From left to right – Cousins Molly and Tripp (twins, Nashville) and their big brother Reynolds (Atlanta) and Camren and Austen.  Front row – Nathan, Nan Oat and me!  Nathan’s holding Reo, Nan Oat has Dixie and I’m holding Fiji.

All the grandkids - can you tell who are siblings?!

Front row – Reynolds, Austen, Molly, Camren, Tripp, Nathan.  Back row – Laura, Don and Christi (Nashville), Nan Oat, me, Tony (Marietta) and my dad and mama.

All 14 of us!

My Sprenkel crew.

My crew


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  1. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE PICTURES!!! Everybody looks GREAT! Awesome to see you and your brother together! How did his workout go for you????

  2. So glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving! Your pictures are great and you look beautiful as always! The 5 mile hike looks as if it was a lot of fun! Miss you! xoxo

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