Girls’ Date!


Good Morning!  I made it safely to Atlanta last night around 8pm and the first thing I did with my darling grandmother (who shall be called Nan Oat from now on) was talk about dinner.  She patiently waited for me to arrive and apparently was ravenously hungry!  She suggested a family-style Italian place close by and off we went.

Healthy Italian

When she said pizza and pasta, I may normally have had a panic attack.  Don’t get me wrong I usually love pizza the night before a race but I’m not racing, or running too long this weekend so was not interested in dough-y food.  And I knew that at an authentic Italian place like Pero’s, whole-wheat pasta wouldn’t be an option.  I managed to stay calm though, because of the pre-planning I had done yesterday!

I browsed the menu and saw a few items that fit my protein and fruits/veggies model.  There was a big salad section, minestrone soup, seafood and chicken entrees.  I chose a caprese (tomatoes and mozarella) salad and ordered a side of chicken with it.  Right on track!


This salad was so fresh and delicious!  It reminded me of my first caprese salad a few years ago in Rome when I was studying abroad.  I may have to try this at home sometime!  Over dinner we caught up on life – the adventures of the grandkids, stories from Memphis, tales of Dixie (her Scottish terrier) and plans for the weekend.  It was a great date!

Plan for today

One of the troubles  perks of being a personal trainer is having an internal clock that’s set to wake up early.  So here I am, wide awake, on a perfectly fine day to sleep in!  I have just enjoyed a bowl of Irish Oatmeal (I added a scoop of protein powder to it) and a cup of traditional Irish Breakfast tea with my friend Dixie.

Dixie Girl

I’ll be heading off shortly to Marietta to see the rest of my clan – 2 sets of aunts and uncles, 5 cousins, 1 brother and 2 parents plus a variety of animals!  I’m hoping to catch my dad making his pies before we set off for a morning run (remember – get the exercise in early!).  I’m also hoping to round up the sisters for a walk or hike before or after (or both!) the feasting begins.  I feel good about my plan – how are you healthy choices going?

It’s a beautiful, crisp Thanksgiving Day here and I’m thankful for this slow morning to myself filled with time to write and browse through Nan Oat’s archive of People Magazines.  Happy day to you!



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