Thanksgiving Plans


Morning Workout

This morning my legs finally felt ok enough to try a run.  Monday I was in all sorts of good pain from pushing myself to a PR on Sunday.  Tuesday most of the pain was gone, leaving only heavy legs that didn’t feel like running but managed to make it through teaching Bosu and a light Spinning workout.  Today they carried me through the 5 mile training run with the Pack but not at any incredible strength or speed – keep resting legs!

Now I’m gearing up for the 6 hour trek to Atlanta to spend Thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family.  I LOVE THANKSGIVING – it’s one of my favorite holidays for all of the Fs: family, friends, football and FOOD.  My holiday will involve deep frying the turkey and anything else in sight, an entire spread of dessert ranging from pies to coca cola cakes to ice cream, and plenty of wine or beer (or both) and the only exercise is wrestling each other to be first in the buffet line and sprinting back for seconds.  (So maybe I exaggerate a little) but there is definite potential for these four days to sabotage my hard work over the past four months.  I have come up with a plan to enjoy my holiday without putting myself back for the race – starting today with the six hour car ride.

Food for the Road

I’m working on finishing a HUGE spinach salad with tuna and vegetables so that I’m not hungry in the car.  Just in case I do get hungry, I’ve packed a variety of healthy snacks (not just for the car, but to have around all weekend) – apples, vegetables and hummus, hard boiled eggs.  I’ve driven to Atlanta so many times I could probably do it in my sleep – so I know that I’ll have to stop once for gas.  I won’t buy any snacks at the stop but probably will make a stop for a Starbucks drink (I’ve been up since 5:30 so a little caffeine will do me good!)  By the time I arrive it should be dinnertime so I’ll make healthy choices wherever I end up finding food.

A few simple rules for the next 3 days

  • Get up and run or workout first (not necessarily early, but before you have time to hit the kitchen and nibble).
  • Eat a healthy breakfast and, depending on what time your big meal is, a protein-filled lunch or snack so you’re not ravenous for the buffet.
  • Enjoy all of the things I want to at the big meal.  I’ll have whatever I want, but not as much as I want.
  • Choose one dessert – not the whole spread.
  • For leftovers, choose the proteins (turkey) and vegetables.
  • Stick to whole (not packaged) foods and have plenty of protein at each eating.  No snacking on boxed goods!
I feel good about my plan working for me and my personal goals.  Evaluate your goals for the holiday and pick which rules you need to follow!  Best of luck 🙂  See you in Atlanta!
What are your plans for the holiday?



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  1. We are having Grandpa, Keith, Elizabeth, Neil, Maria, Justin,and Bryan, the kids and I. I was amazed to hear Thankgiving dinner can have 7000 calories!! Working out a lot and trying to change some old favorite recipes a little to help cut calories!
    Enjoy- wish you could be here too. Love you and Have a great time!

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