Downtown Dining


15 days to go!  I felt like doing speedwork this morning after my TRX class at Inside Out Gym.  I ate a banana on my way to a quick scheduling meeting in hopes that by the time the meeting was over, the fruit would have settled and been turning itself into fuel in my stomach.  It was plenty of time and I felt good by the time I started my speedwork routine.  Here’s what I did on the treadmill (I had a running partner next to me, and enjoyed running side by side with someone!):

  • Warm up laps – first one at 8:34 pace, second one at 8:00 pace.
  • 10 x 400 m alternating a 7:34 and 6:40 pace with 200 m of 15:00 pace between each.

After I completed my laps, I hit the TRX for an upper body routine and then had to head to work.  My workout today was challenging but not so tough that I’ll be in pain for days – a good thing since there’s a race Sunday!  It’s the Second Half Marathon in the Road Race Series.  I’m really looking forward to it since I had to sit the last one out.

Downtown Dining Week

I want to share with all my Memphians that it’s Downtown Dining Week!  If I was more on top of my game, I would have shared this info at the beginning of the week but I even forgot until a friend reminded me last week.  If you’re in town this weekend, I recommend trying to make reservations at one of the participating restaurants.  Now through Sunday 3 course meals and other special deals are offered for $20.11 at the following restaurants:

  • Automatic Slims
  • Bangkok Alley
  • Bardog Tavern
  • B.B. King’s
  • Bleu
  • Capriccio Grill
  • Chez Philippe
  • Felicia Suzanne’s
  • Flying Saucer
  • Itta Bena
  • Kooky Canuck
  • Local
  • The Majestic Grille
  • McEwen’s
  • Paulette’s
  • Rizzo’s Diner
  • South of Beale
  • Tug’s
  • Thai Bistro and Sushi Bar

The pre-set menus for each can be viewed on the event’s website by clicking here.  I’ll be eating Shrimp and Grits at Itta Bena tomorrow night!  Not my typical pre-race pizza, but I can make exceptions sometimes!  Happy weekend!

What restaurant would you choose?


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