Starbucks Treats and Goal Reached!


Starbucks Treat!

Have you been wanting to try the Skinny Peppermint drinks I’ve been talking about on here?  Or maybe you just want to add a little festive to your day with a red cup?  Well grab a friend or loved one and enjoy the season together!  Starbucks is offering a buy one, get one free on their holiday drinks today through Sunday from 2 pm – 5 pm!  Click here for more info! (You can bet I’ll be going…maybe once a day!)

2 for 1 red cups!

Goal Reached!

I found out on Thursday, October 20 that I had approximately one month to finish my fundraising for St. Jude and meet my goal of $2,500.  Turns out when I signed up for the race this year, I checked some box along the way and promised I would either cover the difference between what I actually raised and my goal, or forfeit my race spot.  I had no idea until I received a phone call on that Thursday!  A brief panic set in but my representative told me she would extend the deadline to this past Tuesday and I should see what I could do.  I think I only had about $200 raised at that point in October.  I was fairly certain I’d be forking over the most money I ever have to run a race, or not participating at all.  Neither of those were really an option so I asked for help and I am touched by how many responded.

I received support and donations from college friends and roommates, clients and running group members, high school teachers and my immediate family, neighbors and members of my dad’s running group.  Some were very generous and others gave what they could but it all adds up to a great amount and I am so grateful for the support of my running, as well as the support of St. Jude.  Some donations came with notes of support or advice – some of my favorites are below.

  • Good luck Jess. Congrats on having sense not to run the marathon
  • Stay hydrated… eat some bananas… and stay out of the medical tent. And most importantly, drink a beer afterwards!
  • With love, from (not so) little brother.

If you donated, thank you for your support!  I will have you on my mind throughout the race, when it gets tough going up the hills or on that last stretch down Poplar.  If you haven’t donated and would like to, there’s still time!  Here’s the link – click here.


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  1. Congratulations! SO glad everyone pitched in and you were successful in making your goal! we will be thinking of you – Love you

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