Coach plus one


Well, the rain got to most of us.  I had one partner show up this morning for the run and after a bit of discussion she decided she would do a strength workout instead.  Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand not wanting to run in the dark, cold and damp weather – COMPLETELY!  A few of the morning gym rats commented on my missing group – one even asked “What will they do when it’s raining on race day?”

I didn’t let the loneliness get to me and instead decided I would wait until it wasn’t so dark and get the miles in myself.  I set out on the usual Pack route thirty minutes late in all the gear I laid out last night – jacket, hat, old shoes and ziploc protector for my music.  By mile one, my left foot was pretty soaked (just my left though….bizarre) and the wind was giving me serious issues with my hat.  But I was so pleased to be out enjoying the morning.  The rain had mostly let up and the temperatures were near perfect.

Wet streets in the park

I was trying to get a 7:55 average and didn’t quite get there but I can pretty easily find race pace so I’m not discouraged!  I just enjoyed a big cup of hot tea (vanilla chai) and bowl of oatmeal, I swear they tasted so much better because I ran in the rain!

5 miles!

Pack – I’m not mad by any stretch of the imagination BUT you better believe I’ll give you heck for being delicate runners for a long time!!  What will you do when it’s raining on race day!!??


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  1. Good for you to follow through and go solo! I know one running group that would have been at Starbucks in a heartbeat!! Fortunately, we didn’t have rain today and got a run done in the early morning darkness as the temps were dropping. You make running in the rain seem like fun (almost)….I might be inspired next time!!

  2. Proud of you, bean! You know you’re a runner when you go in the rain AND enjoy it… Give that group what for when you see them?!!

    You have inspired me to walk today in spite of the chilly temps in the 40’s…

  3. I am so glad you got your run in, basically representing the pack! I had all my gear ready to roll, as you instructed. But got little sleep, listening to the heavy rain most of the night. As soon rain lightened up, I zonked out! I really missed the pack and looked for you all with hopes of catching up by 6:30 a.m. if you went by the house. Ended up finishing on the treadmill. Not near so much fun as running the pack! Hope the half goes well for everyone! Good luck and thanks so much for everything!

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