Rain Prep


The Pack’s luck with running weather has been pretty stellar so far.  Some scorching temperatures, but that always passes.  A little wind sometimes.  No snow.  Very little rain.  In fact, I can’t think of a single training run in the rain.  One race – but that’s different.

Tomorrow may challenge that perfect record:


 WE WILL STILL RUN!!  And here are the reasons for that

  •   I see no signs of lightening, so safety shouldn’t be much of an issue (except for speedsters whose shoes may lose traction because of the water).
  •  We’ve only got 18 days to showtime, this is not the time to be skipping runs.
  •  Last time I checked, only witches melt when soaking wet.
Here’s what I recommend for the night before a potential run in the rain
  • Expect the rain.  Then if it does rain, you’re not upset.  And if it doesn’t, you’re absolutely delighted.  (Does that make you a pessimist?)
  • Lay out a hat (to keep the water out of your eyes), old shoes (they might get soaked, and then there’s this stink that never really goes away.  Spare your newest pair as long as possible), a light rain jacket (especially if the temperatures will be in the 40s or lower, it’s nice to have that extra layer. If not, it may just make you too hot, but just in case), a ziploc bag (to protect your music).

Rain Day Gear

  • Remember, No excuses November!!
See y’all in the morning 🙂

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  1. I’m not thinking the boys will buy in to this with our habitual Starbuck’s alternative….but it’s not raining this morning here, so we are going……I think…..have fun with yours!!

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